Canine Clean Tooth Salts 3 oz/89ml

Canine Clean Tooth Salts 3 oz/89ml

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Canine Clean Tooth Salt keeps a dog's pearly whites bright, clean and healthy. Regular brushing with Canine Clean Tooth Salt promotes overall canine oral health, fresher breath and even helps prevent canine gum disease, tooth decay, tartar and plaque buildup and periodontal disease.

Product Information: Dog teeth are meant to be cleansed naturally by eating raw bones and meat. Without their natural diet, their gums and teeth are susceptible to decay and tartar buildup. Frequent brushing will help to significantly reduce tartar buildup, ultimately delaying the need for professional vet cleanings. Toxins from periodontal and other oral diseases are absorbed into your dog’s bloodstream, and can damage the heart, kidneys, and liver which filter the blood. For this reason, regular tooth brushing is crucial to prevent bacteria in your dog’s mouth from infecting and fatally damaging the internal organs. As an added bonus, our special blend of essential oils will freshen your dog’s breath and make those sloppy kisses even more enjoyable!

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