Tropical Leaves - BED COVER ONLY

Tropical Leaves - BED COVER ONLY

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If you can't decide on just one favourite design... we have you covered!  Our removable covers are now available to purchase separately, as additions to your existing Indie Boho pet beds.  If you fancy a fresh look in your home for the new Season, or need a spare for washing day, then a second cover is not only practical but also the easiest way to spruce up your home!

Note: Please only purchase these covers for use with an Indie Boho bed insert as our durable inserts are specifically designed to fit the covers perfectly, thereby maximising the longevity of the cover and the filling. 

Cover fits Indie Boho Medium Dog Beds: size approx 60 x 50 x 7cm 

Cover fits Indie Boho Large Dog Beds: size approx 85 x 65 x 8cm

Cover fits Indie Boho Extra Large Dog Bed: size approx 100 x 85 x 9cm 

Cover fits Indie Boho XXL Jumbo Dog Bed: size approx 130 x 100 x 10cm

Washable cover 

Please refer to the sizing charts on the product pages.

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